Crisis Management

Crisis Management Consulting

Companies, Organizations and Public Agencies face a variety of unforeseen events on a regular basis that can inpact brand, reputation and safety.  302 Consulting Group provides its clients with crisis response planning and training for a wide variety of events that can have a significant impact on personnel, customers, clients and facilities.  During critical events we leverage our experience to provide our clients with sound guidance and direction to mitigate the impact of the event. 

Crisis Management Consulting Services Include:

Crisis response consultation during ongoing events.

Crisis response plan review and creation

Scenario based testing and exercises

Active Shooter/Active Assailant response planning and training


Effective Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Response Planning and Communications outlines the phased response to a critical incident using an active shooter scenario as the backdrop.  It outlines the holistic approach to preparing for any critical incident from planning to recovery.  To understand all phases of critical incident planning, response and recovery click here or on the image to download a copy today.