Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment: Workplace and School Violence Intervention and Mitigation

In September 2011 the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) published National Standard for “Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention” (ASIS/SHRM WVPI.1-2011). This Standard provides an overview of policies, processes, and protocols that organizations can adopt to help identify and prevent threatening behavior and violence affecting the workplace, and to better address and resolve threats and violence that have actually occurred. This Standard describes the personnel within organizations who typically become involved in prevention and intervention efforts; outlines a proactive organizational approach to workplace violence focused on prevention and early intervention; and proposes ways in which an organization can better detect, investigate, manage, and whenever possible – resolve behavior that has generated concerns for workplace safety from violence. The Standard also describes the implementation of a Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Program, and protocols for effective incident management and resolution. 

302 Consulting Group, LLC partners with its clients  to develop a customized and holistic workplace violence prevention and intervention policy that includes employee awareness training, development and training of behavioral threat assessment teams and consultation services to guide them throught the assessment and management of  persons of concern who may be on the pathway to violence.


302 Consulting Group, LLC provides clients with training that provides them a better understanding of the types of violence that they may face in the workplace. This training is provided in a manner that incorporates relevant lessons without instilling fear and alarm. The training equips staff and personnel with the knowledge that is required to better prepare them and support their co-workers while contributing to the safety of the workplace.   


Key to the safety and security of any facility is a sound workplace violence prevention and intervention policy. Utilizing the best practices of the ASIS/SHRM National Standard, as well as our extensive experience, 302 Consulting Group partners with clients to review existing workplace violence policies and prevention activities. We then develop policies and procedures to implement best practices for creating a safer environment for our client’s personnel, visitors and others in their organization. 


302 Consulting Group, LLC partners with clients to identify individuals in critical roles that can serve as members of an organization’s Threat Assessment Team. A customized threat assessment team training program is developed to train members in the principals of identifying, assessing and managing persons of concern whether they are employees, employee associates, customers, clients or individuals with no known affiliation to the facility. This training is done in conjunction with policy development and includes industry best practices in threat assessment principals and procedures. 


302 Consulting Group, LLC provides clients  with ongoing consultation services to guide and assist them in the assessment of individuals making or posing a threat of violence. Consultation includes assessing concerning behaviors, concerning behavioral changes and/or concerning safety issues that may benefit from a third-party review and counsel. Consultation services are available on a retainer or case-by-case basis.